The Wood For The Trees…

This is going to be a two parter folks. I know, I know. The suspense is killing me too. Well, not to give the game away, but it’s because I didn’t want to overload a post with lots of words and lots of pictures. I’m kind like that. Plus, you may, or may not have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I could pretend a sparkling social life, or days filled with productivity. Truth is, stuff has been hectic. Hectic stuff, and fluff and nonsense. So I thought I’d come crashing back in with Undiagnosed Day only a few days away (13th April) with less chat, something easier on the eyes.

And who doesn’t love a good trilogy? Not the makers of Miss Congeniality. And Star Wars went all greedy. Inspired by some fellow bloggers, and a sensory room infinity mirror, I thought of all the sides to my child. I often receive letters addressed ‘to the parent/carer of Rufus D’. And they list his complexities. And I have to make phonecalls, and write emails, detailing his failings in order to garner the right support. And often I have to cope with the harder side of his complexities. And here, here I get to crow like the proud mother I am about my child. So that’s it. Like the title says, sometimes I sit back with a brew and make sure I can see the wood, and the birds happily chirruping in it. And avoid the coppices.

SWAN Blueprint


SWAN Black and white


SWAN Glorious Technicolour


4 thoughts on “The Wood For The Trees…

  1. This is so touching. My son has his challenges as well. I’ve never allowed myself to sit and write them out because I choose to focus on the “In glorious technicolor” version of him, but I really needed to see something like this. My heart was breaking for you by the time I got to figure 2, maybe projecting a bit of my pain, but it is all about perspective. Thank you , thank you for sharing this.

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