Raising The Roof-Us!

Are you sitting comfortably? I’m not, I keep shifting side to side. Quick stare into the middle distance. I say quick, I’m not sure how long I power down for. For this is the post that I’ve been trying to write for a while, but bounce it off with a manana. But it’s time to seize the day, and as I’ve actually started something tangible, I need to back it up. Shame I feel a bit spineless.

I’m bad when it comes to fundraising requests, I mean, really bad. I need nagging a lot, and then I’m likely to metaphorically hand over a limp tenner. So who do I think I am, about to ask the same of you? And open us up as ‘charity’?

Let’s start with what madness this way lies, and I’ll tell you what my Mum and I have signed up to do in 2014, the year of the horse (that information is of no consequence. Can you tell I’m stalling?) We are now Ultimate Season Ticket holders in the Jane Tomlinson Run For All events. This means we will be running four 10k runs, and it culminates in the Yorkshire Marathon. You can read more here.

Running? RUNNING? It would be no shadow of a lie to tell you that currently, bar the past fortnight, I’ve barely broken into an enforced sweat. I didn’t know where my trainers were, I visibly shuddered at the thought of sweat wicking fabrics (where is it wicking to?). I’ve always claimed that I am actually not cut out for running, having feigned mild asthma and forgotten PE kits during the cross country of yore. I am gangly of limb, and proud of chest. I’m not showing off, it’s how it is, and these features do not a gainly runner make.

But this isn’t really about me. I sold me a long time ago for some magic beans. Just a shade over three years to be exact, when I became a parent to a particularly magic bean, that is a bit wonky. And with that wonkiness comes far more extra requirements than I’d envisaged, when you experience the world from a different viewpoint, sometimes you have to mould the world a little bit around you. And that doesn’t come for free, or even cheaply. In fact, the wedding industry could have something to learn here (thanks to ItsSmallsWorld for that comparison). We’d like to get Rufus a trike, a kick ass 3 wheeler. He’d like to feel the wind in his hair, and the proprioception in his joints. We’d like to get him his own sensory room. He’d like to relax from a day when he’s confronted with a world that can seem scary and unreadable, and often full of invasive procedures. We’d like to look at some alternative therapies; music, donkey, hydro. He’d like to have some things that are demedicalised.

But it’s not all about us. We want to support some charities that have brought remarkable changes to our lives, to our boy’s life. And they are Camp Amazing and Brainwave.

So, we are here, starting the RuFund. And I am attempting to go all out and push myself harder than I ever thought possible. My child has shown me endurance, he has shown me strength. So this is because of him, and for him. And yes, it is as bonkers as him.

Hey Mr Tambourine Man!
Hey Mr Tambourine Man!



3 thoughts on “Raising The Roof-Us!

  1. Ha ha! Good for you lovely lady. You’ll do wonderfully and your boy will love you. I’ll be clapping you all the way ( as I dig past my Wispa collection for a tenner) xx

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