Who Are Ds People Anyway?

Suppose we better start with RD, he being the encouraging type really got this blog a rolling.

There’s a post where you can check out the details, but here’s his finest points.

Born small. Born early. Learned to snort derisively at diagnosis. Stronger than Geoff Capes, but as light as one of his pet budgies.

Cute. Blonde. Giggly. Disabled.




Mrs D, that’s me. I like to think I’m the boss. All the other Ds conspire on a daily basis to make sure I never am.

Yarn spinner. Amateur knitter. Classic middle child. Fairly accomplished turd polisher.


Mr D, Wolf to you and me.

He’s just come along for the ride. His selling point? Seemingly limitless patience. And a cracking sense of humour.


And then of course Bun D. Who’s now DD.

A bump, now a peachy baby. We are mere pawns in her Reign of Terror.


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