D Invicible One

Born October 2010 weighing in at a massive 2lb 10oz, our featherweight champion has done all he can in the war against prognosis. He’s shaped us up into the parents we are, and corralled us in the fight. I’m no poet, but I like to talk a good tale and whilst turning to the internet time and again for answers/help/support/empathy I thought I’d add my two cents.

And if someone else out there finds this interesting or of help in any way, well that’s another trophy in the spider monkey’s cabinet.

4 thoughts on “D Invicible One

  1. Hi my name is Tracey and on the 21st of July this year our gorgeous Freddie was born 12 weeks early weighing 2lb 8oz, it is a daunting thing to go through, with infection,canula’s, CPAP, long lines etc but with the help of people like yourselves giving your experiences, so that we feel we aren’t alone in all of this,the neonatal team where amazing and did everything they could to make you feel confident in doing the cares and the kangaroo cuddles, and for me expressing made me feel like i could actually do something for my son, its so nice to hear your little man is doing so well, we are now home after 6 weeks which is a small amount compared to some, but the next thing that makes you slightly paranoid is germs and the developement as the months go by,
    Take care

    Tracey and Matt

    1. It can feel so isolating, it’s a world of uncertainty and doubt, and coming home can be very mixed emotions as all of a sudden you get to become the parent, alone and frightened. It sounds like Freddie has done amazingly well, and I have no doubt will go from strength to strength. As you will have already learned to do, taking each day as it comes and the belief you have already invested due to his utter determination will see you through x

  2. My daughter Bella was born 11 weeks early, weighing 2Ib2. It was a horrible time, like you say, so many mixed emotions and fears. But now she’s 10 years old, the tallest girl in class and full of the fighting spirit she needed to get past those first few months. I wish I’d reached out for help, especially when we got back from hospital. It took me a long time to come to terms with everything that happened but I felt like I had to be grateful that everything was okay….no one understood. I think it’s great that you’ve started this blog. I’d have loved to have had this support back then x

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