Raising The Roof Us!

Did you see that sweaty mass of ungainly limbs and crazy cow eyes run past you in Manchester? Looked like they were running down the hill even though it was flat?

Have you noticed there’s been some little flash new things appearing on Are You KiddingNey? despite the noticeable absence of any *actual* blog posts?

Not that runnin’ is the new bloggin’, but suffice to say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And a runner wasn’t born out of a nonrunnerwhoworksandhasadisabledchild in six months without something having to give.

But, the start of race season is upon us. And I’m going to be passing round the begging bowl and shaking my cans tins repeatedly. So it’s time to unveil the Raising The Roof Us! big idea.


The Raising The Roof Us! team, of my Mum (go Mrs J senior. Only senior for point of reference you understand. And the occasional ‘moment’) and myself are about to embark on the first of our official 10k runs. We have four of these, before the Yorkshire marathon on the 12th October. Mrs J junior, my sister in law, will also be partaking in some RTRU! action. So I thought it was time I elaborated properly on what has possessed us, and continues to spook me into Getting Out There.

The RuFund is going to be divided three ways equally. A little something for us, a little something to give back, a little something to help keep someone else’s vision alive. I’ll begin with the latter.

1) Camp Amazing.

You know, if anything could truly take credit for its namesake, its this. Born out of a dream by one parent to give to others, with barely a bean to rub together in terms of budget, we enjoyed a truly magical camping weekend last year as a family. And we’re doing it again this year. And we want to keep going, and going.

Just in case you’d forgotten, I waxed lyrical about it here

You can also find the link to Camp Amazing here.

2) Brainwave

We just want to give back. We want to give a proper thankyou. We want other families to benefit, all charities raised go back to providing bursaries for families to attend. So they can help find the keys to help unlock our mystifying children.

And… Just in case you need another repeat, I wrote about our experience here

You can find out all about their work here

3) Rufus

I find this hard.

I have to do a ‘how did we get here?’ backwards glance. It’s a fine line between asking for sympathy or empathy. Because it’s just that, asking. For your support.

But this is what we are raising for, because it’s no myth that the world of disability ain’t cheap. It requires a deft hand, bespoke fits and custom makes. And that comes with a Kardashian sized price tag.

A trike.

The thrill of the ride. The proprioception of his joints. Rufus has no freedom of movement in the outside world. And he loves the woosh of fresh air, I’m pretty sure he’d like a snazzy bike bell to ring. But he needs something to support him properly, to ensure his feet reach the pedals.

A Firefly ‘Upsee’ by Leckey.

Check out some of Rufus’s fabulous friends modelling this amazing new piece of kit. My heart skipped a beat when I first heard of this. The chance to open up a world which is currently unavailable to my boy. To literally broaden his horizons.


And really, it’s as simple as that.

Click on the pic below to donate.
Just because I like them…

Please Donate Here

Please Donate Here


*NB: Early disclaimer. You are about to be hassled to an inch of your life over the coming months. Just give into it now.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

I’d also like to give a big shout out to Mr B at Trumpet PR, and all the Bs, for our fantastic new logos. It’s taken months of DD carefully working our way into their favour by categorically ignoring little JB on all playdates. She’s quite the charmer…


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